Jafco Ventures—where vision takes on reality

  • We take great pride in helping world-class entrepreneurs take on today's reality to make a difference in the world.

    Entrepreneurs by definition are combatants to the status quo. Building great new businesses from the ground up is not an easy undertaking. As proven, mid-stage venture capital investors, we have lived this challenge many times. Our specialty is to focus on how best to scale emerging companies to realize their full potential while being mindful of the need to be capital efficient.

  • Our team consists of battle-tested veterans who are thoughtful, have heart and value honesty...for it is all about the journey together.

    We firmly believe in the power of collective wisdom and effort. Our style of doing business from investment process to supporting portfolio companies, is designed to maximize value and efficiency. To this end, our partnership consists of a core team of proven, mid-stage venture capital professionals augmented by venture partners with best-in-class experience in scaling companies and a world-class business team based in Tokyo.

  • Our portfolio has been carefully cultivated through our longstanding relationships with the best, top-tier venture investors in the business.

    With more than $750 million under management, we invest primarily in leading edge, broad-based information technology segments such as consumer internet, digital media, enterprise software, cloud computing, mobile applications and security. We also very selectively invest in industries we believe are ripe for change such as agriculture/food, education, energy and health care.

  • Sunny Sugaya, General Partner and Head of Business Development

    Sunny Sugaya has been Head of Asia Business Development and a General Partner of Jafco Ventures since 2003 and first joined Jafco Co., Ltd. in 1999. Sunny's 22 years of technology and business development experience and network of relationships distinguishes our ability to bring leading-edge products to the Japan market. He is viewed as a remarkable asset to entrepreneurs and widely respected by most strategic players in Japan.

  • "At Jafco we care about delivering the best performance possible and building a brand as respected as the name is in Japan."

  • Debby Meredith, Venture Partner

    Debby Meredith joined Jafco Ventures as a Venture Partner in 2003 bringing over twenty years of start-up experience managing engineering teams and developing innovative products. Given the nature of her work with early-stage companies, Debby provides great insight into the operational capabilities of potential investment opportunities and effectively helps scale portfolio companies. She is a highly sought after resource for many companies in Silicon Valley.

  • "I really enjoy working with Jafco. It is a team that values serious work, is grounded in reality but also knows how to have fun."

  • Tom Mawhinney, General Partner

    Tom Mawhinney joined Jafco Ventures in 2003 as a General Partner, bringing a 15-year background in the technology industry as both a venture capitalist and an entrepreneur. Tom has a wide range of technology investing experience and brings a passion for helping to scale young, rapidly growing companies. His venture investing capabilities was acknowledged when he was named to the AlwaysOn Venture Capital 100 list for 2009.

  • "I love our business model. We work hard to get early looks at the most coveted deals from great firms and then earn our seat at the table."

  • Jeb Miller, General Partner

    Jeb Miller joined Jafco Ventures in 2009 as a General Partner, bringing over fifteen years of experience working with early-stage technology companies as a venture capitalist, operating executive and investment banker. Jeb has relentless energy and is passionate about teaming with entrepreneurs to help build successful companies. He also serves as a consultant to the Defense Venture Catalyst Initiative program of the US Department of Defense.

  • "I love how much people hustle at Jafco. It is a place where we embrace our goals and challenges with a strong team effort."

  • Joe Horowitz, Managing General Partner

    Joe Horowitz, Managing General Partner, was instrumental in re-launching Jafco Ventures in 2003, bringing 25 years of experience working with early-stage companies as a venture capitalist, advisor and entrepreneur. Joe is passionate about the value-creation process and loves working with talented entrepreneurs.

  • "What drives me at Jafco is not how big we can become, but how good a job we can do."

  • Dana L. Evan, Venture Partner

    Dana L. Evan joined Jafco Ventures as a Venture Partner in 2013 bringing over 20 years of executive leadership experience. With her deep background in driving finance and business operations, Dana is able to provide tremendous insights to fast-growth, high-performance enterprises. In addition, her broad range of experiences and achievements has led to a great network of relationships in Silicon Valley and elsewhere.

  • "I love the camaraderie and collaboration of the team at Jafco, as well as the respect they show for entrepreneurs."

  • Ben Shih, Partner

    Ben Shih joined Jafco Ventures in 2003, bringing eight years of technology operations and private equity investing experience. With an analytical approach, he thinks broadly about attractive markets for start-ups, but he also enjoys digging into the details of a new technology or a compelling business model. He is a real asset to our portfolio companies and has been instrumental in providing the highest levels of due diligence for our deals and operations for our firm.

  • "The thing I love most about our firm is that we all work hard, respect one another and everyone's voice matters."

  • Paul Sallaberry, Venture Partner

    Paul Sallaberry joined Jafco Ventures in 2009 as a Venture Partner, having served in senior operating roles in highly-regarded technology companies for nearly 30 years. With exceptional experience in worldwide sales, marketing and services, Paul has had a major impact on companies from start-ups to multi-billion dollar organizations. His ability to help early-stage companies grow from modest levels of revenue to tremendous scale is best in class. Paul is in great demand by the CEOs of our portfolio.

  • "Jafco Ventures has one of the best cultures in the venture business. It is a place that values transparency and where entrepreneurs feel safe."

  • Takenori Sanami, Vice President of Finance

    Taki Sanami joined Jafco Ventures in 2008, bringing a ten-year background in venture capital and finance experience to our firm. His role at Jafco is to manage the day-to-day finance operations of the business and help with conducting financial and legal due diligence for new investments. He is dedicated to his work and provides a great bridge to our limited partner in Japan.

  • "I feel very prideful to be part of the Jafco team. It is a place that values honesty and open communication."