About the Jafco Team

  • Our team consists of battle-tested veterans who are thoughtful, have heart and value honesty...for it is all about the journey together.

    We firmly believe in the power of collective wisdom and effort. Our style of doing business, from investment process to supporting portfolio companies, is designed for efficiency and to maximize value. To this end, our partnership consists of a core team of proven, mid-stage venture capital professionals augmented by venture partners with best-in-class experience in scaling companies and a world-class business development team based in Tokyo.

    Comparing Golf to Basketball

    As a venture firm with a highly-focused, specialized strategy, we believe in combining venture capital skill sets with functional skill sets to produce the best results. In contrast, most early-stage venture firms are silo-driven and organized as individual investors who work on their own deals. They are more like a golf team, adding up their scores at the end of the day. At Jafco Ventures, we look more like a basketball team, leveraging the abilities of all of our players to perform together. In this way, we are better able to select the best companies and help them achieve greater success.

  • "Jafco Ventures was of enormous help to us at critical moments, especially at the time of our merger with Teradata."

    Quentin Gallivan, CEO

    Aster Data