Investment Portfolio

    • Proofpoint (PFPT), Cupertino, CA

      Proofpoint is a provider of enterprise-class messaging security solutions that protect organizations from threats and risks.

    • Major Co-Investors

      Benchmark, MDV, Meritech, RRE Ventures

    • Purfresh, Fremont, CA

      Purfresh provides actively enhanced atmosphere and real-time monitoring and control solutions for ocean transport.

    • Major Co-Investors

      Foundation, Chrysalix Energy

    • Quellan (Intersil), Santa Clara, CA

      Quellan specializes in building analog components that improve signal integrity by removing channel impairments and noise.

    • Major Co-Investors

      Menlo Ventures

    • RedSeal Networks, Santa Clara, CA

      RedSeal is an innovative security risk management solution that provide instant visibility into all potential threats.

    • Major Co-Investors

      Sutter Hill, Venrock, OVP, Leapfrog Ventures