Investment Portfolio

    • Awarepoint, San Diego, CA

      Awarepoint provides real-time location systems (RTLS) for asset tracking and workflow monitoring in healthcare environments.

    • Major Co-Investors

      Venrock, KPCB, Cardinal Partners

    •, Palo Alto, CA is a SAAS online bill management and payment service for small and mid-sized companies and accountants.

    • Major Co-Investors

      DCM, Emergence Capital, August Capital

    • Brion Technologies (ASML Holdings), Santa Clara, CA

      Brion provides innovative products and services for next-generation lithography.

    • Major Co-Investors


    • Calypto Design Systems, Santa Clara, CA

      Calypto is focused on bridging the gap between electronic system-level design and integrated circuit (IC) implementation.

    • Major Co-Investors

      Tallwood, Walden International