Jafco in Japan

  • About Our Limited Partner

    We are very fortunate to have Jafco Co., Ltd. as our firm's single major limited partner. Jafco is a publicly traded venture capital and private equity firm based in Tokyo, with a very well established investment franchise that is highly regarded in Japan and throughout Asia. Founded in 1973, Jafco has directly managed or been affiliated with over 45 investment funds globally through its offices in Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and North America.

    Jafco Asia Business Development Team

    In addition to providing funding for our firm, Jafco has established over the years a proven business development team based in Tokyo, whose sole purpose is to aggressively pursue substantial revenue opportunities for our portfolio companies in a very time-efficient manner. This team of professionals has an extensive network of strategic relationships that very effectively leverage the Jafco franchise value in Japan and other parts of Asia. As many of our portfolio companies will readily testify, at Jafco Ventures, our definition of value-add is quite tangible and measurable.

    The Japan Market

    Today, Japan is the second-largest buyer of technology products behind the United States. Emerging companies led by experienced management teams appreciate the importance of penetrating this market and having the right resources that overcome the challenges there—and this is where Jafco Ventures can have a tremendous impact.

    Jafco's business development effectiveness is widely recognized. With offices in Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan, Jafco has gained a strong reputation over the last 35 years among the most important buyers of technology in these markets. Jafco's trusted, long-standing relationships have been established over the course of many successful partnerships, thus delivering more than just introductions. In this way, the Jafco business development team helps forge a highly efficient path to revenue success for our portfolio companies

  • "The Jafco business development team did an awesome job of opening the Japan market for us."

    Gary Steele, CEO


    Asia Business Development

    • Tsunesaburo "Sunny" Sugaya

      Sunny Sugaya

      General Partner and Director of Business Development

      Sunny Sugaya has been Head of Asia Business Development and a General Partner of Jafco Ventures since 2003 and first joined Jafco Co., Ltd. in 1999. Sunny's 22 years of technology and business development experience and network of relationships distinguishes our ability to bring leading-edge products to the Japan market. He is viewed as a remarkable asset to entrepreneurs and widely respected by most strategic players in Japan.

    • Yasuhiro "Yasu" Mimura

      Yasuhiro "Yasu" Mimura

      Senior Associate

      Yasuhiro "Yasu" Mimura has been with Jafco for eight years. He assists portfolio companies with business development activities in the enterprise software and Internet infrastructure sectors. Prior to joining Jafco, Yasu held consulting roles with PriceWaterhouse Coopers and CTC, one of the largest and most respected distributors in Japan. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Marshall University and an MBA at the University of Leicester.